It takes all of us to build the kind of community for which we all hope.

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If we work together, we can promote change in our community.

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Volunteers are needed every day in our community and you can help!

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Community Impact

We will use our leadership and resources, not just to meet our community's human care needs, but to make a demonstrable difference in solving and preventing our most critical social problem.

Resource Development

We will be #1 in resource development.  We will obtain the resources necessary to accomplish this goal by being the best United Way in the country, ranking first in all categories that measure outstanding performance by United Ways.


Leadership for Change

We must do more than simply be the best at what we always have done.  United Way faces new social and economic realities, new paradigms of fundraising, fund distribution, and accountability.  We will lead through innovation in these areas and in evaluation, administration and financial management.


Volunteer/Staff Partnership

The key to achieving our vision will be United Way's people - dedicated, skilled staff fostering and supporting the work of committed volunteers from every segment of the community.



... to motivate and organize people...through a unified, community-wide effort to mobilize resources and apply them to best serve the needs of the Genesee County region.